VIDEO : How To Know Which Home Repairs Can Be Delayed And Which Should Be Fixed Right Away


When finances are tight, homeowners are often forced to choose between making home repairs right away, and putting them off until finances improve.

Some repairs, though, become more expensive if not tackled on the double.  The hard part is knowing which fixes those are.

In this 5-minute piece from The Today Show on NBC, a Consumer Reports editor talks about important, must-make-them-now home repairs, including:

  • Re-sloping soil for runaway rainwater
  • Replacing curled and cracked roofing shingles
  • Sealing damaged vinyl siding
  • Replacing soft wood
  • Treating mold issues — both major and minor

Maintaining a home preserves its long-term integrity and can help support resale value, too.  Not every minor fix must made today, but left unchecked, some minor fixes can turn into major ones — and that’s when costs can pile up.